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    1. Inmigración españa
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Immigration office spain

We must be perceived as the best option among the best regions in the world. To achieve this, we carry out a proactive task of identifying leads (potential projects) abroad, thanks to our network of collaborators and our presence in some of the most relevant fairs in each of the strategic sectors.

Invest in Madrid can help you identify the most attractive lines of subsidies for your business, advise you on new lines of incentives available and guide you on the requirements and administrative procedures necessary to prepare an application.

Do you need a specialized professional profile to develop your investment project? Do you want to recruit a group of local workers for your company to strengthen its link with the territory and promote socially responsible development?

Inmigración españa

El mando supremo de la Policía Nacional española lo ostenta el ministro del Interior, a través de la figura del secretario de Estado de Seguridad. El mando directo lo ejerce la Dirección General de la Policía, bajo la autoridad de dicho Secretario de Estado de Seguridad.

La Policía Nacional española es un instituto armado, de naturaleza civil, que presenta una estructura jerarquizada y tiene como misión proteger el libre ejercicio de los derechos y libertades de los ciudadanos, así como garantizar su seguridad. Su ámbito de actuación es todo el territorio nacional.

Spain immigration official website

"Kind, with a lot of empathy, explains the steps to follow in a clear way, excellent, flexible, due to my work activity it is impossible for me to attend first thing in the morning, so it made it very easy for me to communicate by email, also everything was very fluid and fast, totally recommendable, stay the same! you are the best!"

People, in the past, emigrated without too much organization, and this was a product of lack of information, distances, delay in communications, and this generated numerous difficulties, loss of time, suffering... I want to help people to emigrate well, in the best conditions, thanks to the support of close professionals.

Immigration office barcelona

Apart from consultations, the department organizes informative conferences in English, international events, integration projects and gender violence. They collaborate with the Consular Corps in Malaga, social groups and foreign media, carry out studies for national and international universities and much more.

If you have any questions about this, you can consult the WhatsApp FAQ (https://faq.whatsapp.com/). The department of foreigners does not assume responsibility for the treatments made by WhatsApp.

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